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The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

It’s too cold for you here

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Sometimes I don’t know why I bother even trying to join conversations. It feels like people are out of reach and I can’t speak up loud enough, or I don’t have anything to say that could be of interest.

Talking is difficult for me, especially when I’m surrounded by big personalities. It’s like you’re invisible or are just the person throwing in awkward commentary moments too late. When everyone has already moved on.

I’m not the best at communicating either and I never have been so I’m naturally left behind. I try to change that but what’s the point when you can’t get people to listen? It feels like I’m almost always the one trying to start an individual conversation but it hardly ever works out.

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… and I’m afraid Cinna has hurt himself beyond repair. 

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“Not exactly. You see, Portia and I think that the coal miner thing’s very overdone. No one will remember you in that. And we both see it has our job to make District 12 tributes unforgettable,’ says Cinna.
I’ll be naked for sure, I think.
'So rather than focus on the coal mining itself, we're going to focus on the coal,' says Cinna.
Naked and covered in black dust, i think.
'And what do we do with coal? We burn it,' says Cinna. 'You're not afraid of fire, are you, Katniss?' He sees my expression and grins.” 

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My favourite character in the series

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President Snow about Peeta Mellark

You could live a thousand lifetimes and still not deserve him”

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3 Sisters Dam, Alberta


3 Sisters Dam, Alberta

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